Snackable Centerpieces

I really, really like fresh flowers, but we didn’t have money in the budget to pay for baskets of flowers for 20+ tables or the time to assemble them. My fiance liked the idea of using fresh fruit in the arrangements, so we experimented and found something that we both liked that would cost about $16 per table.

The Bird of Paradise blossoms will be about $1.75 each from our florist with a bulk purchase, and there will probably be three in each final arrangement. The vase in the center is a beer glass from Ikea (6 for $6.99), and the glass is filled with $1 of Jabo marbles purchased in bulk from ebay. The bowl is a $3 plastic punch bowl from Target*, and it is filled with a $6 crate of clementine oranges that will be purchased from a local fruit distributor. I managed to get clementines on our wedding date last year from the grocery store, so I am crossing my fingers that they will be available from the wholesale shops again.

We needed something simple that could be assembled quickly by the wedding coordinators and would fit well with the reception venue. We will be sitting in an Amazon rainforest exhibit next to a waterfall, so the Bird of Paradise should work well. Additionally, the stems should be tall enough so that views across the table will be unobstructed. Mr. Lollipop also likes the idea of guests snacking on the centerpieces if they get hungry. We’ll be gluing the vases to the bowls to keep them from tipping over even if all of the oranges are removed.

*Target changed their punch bowls a little a few months ago, so the current version is a little taller and narrower

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