Candy! Delicious Candy!

Mr. Lollipop and I have an agreement about food: all of our eating expenses are covered by our joint account. We split the bill for groceries, restaurants and whatever else right down the middle. However, there are two exceptions to this rule. First, he pays for his own beer, and second, I pay for my own candy.

This arrangement keeps my fiance from going bug-eyed when I bring home an entire bucket of bubble gum, or purchase and then eat an entire box of dark chocolate turtles over the course of a week. I love candy. Love it. Love it. Health-wise, I am lucky that the fillings I got in Japan (my first and only!) were not of the highest quality. The ringing in my teeth from sugary things keeps me from going overboard. I dropped soda from my diet, but I can’t help the occasional sweet, sweet (*drool*) candy indulgence.

It should come as no surprise that I needed a candy buffet at our reception. We will have six kinds of candy, and they will be combined with our cookie table to from a heavenly display of things that will cause my early death.

I bought all of our candy in bulk from We be serving caramels, spearmint leaves, gummy sour apples, chocolate rocks (they look like real pebbles!), jelly beans, and rock candy. I even bought extra rock candy to be used as stirrers at the coffee table, and flavored rock candy for swizzle sticks in mixed drinks.

I set out a mock-up last weekend. In addition to these six jars we will have several jars for cookies.

A closeup of our surprisingly useful rock candy:

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