My Two Marriage Applications

When one of my bridesmaids and I were in our senior year of high school we were both sick of filling out college applications. To kill the monotony, we each wrote a marriage application for ourselves. Applicants would have to provide personal information and answer essay questions in order to date or marry us. My application required a credit check and recommendations from at least two non-ex-girlfriend female friends. Hers had a clause that read “Is your name Will Smith? If so, congratulations! You have already been accepted!” Yes, the 90′s were awesome.

So, I was amused to fill out a real marriage application at the Allegheny County Register of Wills last week. The page long form asked basic background information about ourselves and our parents. Other than that, we were required only to show our driver’s licenses and swear (twice!) that we weren’t lying on our application. The whole process took five minutes and now we only need to wait for our marriage license to arrive in the mail.

It’s scary! The government knows that we’re getting married!

The City-County building in Pittsburgh manages to exude the regal atmosphere beyond most civil service buildings.

Mr. Lollipop signs using a pen we stole from another office. We need to get something for our $45 license fee, right? Kidding. Kidding. We put it back five minutes later.

We stuck a victory pose afterwards outside the office.

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