Project #256 – Pillow Case

There were some very lovely fabric stores in San Diego. I *heart* Rosie’s Calico Cupboard. It’s huge and crammed with lots of designs that I’ve never seen before, all nice 100% cotton. Clark even got into the spirit and purchased a yard of fabric in order to make a new pillow case.

I’m usually bad about mending things or making things he requests in a timely manner, so I made a concerted effort to give him what he wanted.

Pillow cases are one of the easiest things to make, ever. They’re just a rectangle sewn on three sides and then cuffed and hemmed on the remaining side. I made mine in about 20 minutes.

I used one of our old pillow cases to measure out my new one. Unfortunately, one yard is not quite enough to cut out a case with the butterflies flying in the correct directions. Our butterflies look a little disoriented.

When you measure out your fabric make sure to cut a few extra inches on one end for the cuff. After you sew up the three sides, just fold up the extra twice and sew it in place.

Oh, I should note that I used a serger to finish my seam edges. I would recommend using some kind of seam finish so that the case won’t unravel when it gets thrown into the wash.

2 Comments to “Project #256 – Pillow Case”

  1. Jenne says:

    What other fabric stores do you recommend in SD? I've mostly just been to the JoAnn's type and they don't have much that's interesting…

  2. Alison says:

    We also liked Beverly's, but Rosie's won by a mile. I pulled most of my fabric recommendations from, and they were pretty spot-on.

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