Project #251 – Dia De Los Muertos Cake Toppers

Sugar skulls are not that tasty, but I will still eat them with my mouth until gone. I love sugar a little to much.

I’m Hispanic, but I wasn’t raised in a culture that celebrates Dia de los Muertos. Instead, we celebrated All Saints Day and the children in my church could dress up like their favorite saint. It was a second, Catholic halloween and every year I dressed as Joan of Arc. We were expected to pray for the souls of our deceased friends and family, especially the ones that died within the year before, but not with the pomp and ritual of the Day of the Dead.

It’s a holiday I wish we had. To me, I wish there was a less painful was of saying hello/goodbye to loved ones every year. I’m on board for anything that involves a celebration and party favors and sugary treats in lieu of sitting alone and crying during the hard years.

More importantly, they glow in the dark. That is not only awesome, but useful in case of a power outage to keep guests from tripping over the cake.

2 Comments to “Project #251 – Dia De Los Muertos Cake Toppers”

  1. michelle says:

    Did you do something special to make them glo??

  2. Alison says:

    It’s the polymer clay. The glo-in-the-dark goodness is built right in.

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