Project #247 – Cookies as Evidence of Good Wifery

Being a good spouse is kind of like being a good driver. Almost everyone thinks they are one.

However, I think I can present concrete evidence that I am, indeed, a wife of a higher caliber.

Exhibit #1: Reeses Pieces Chocolate Chip Cookies
It is nearly midnight and my husband is watching the Steelers game. Out of the blue, someone brings up the idea of fresh-baked cookies and now he can’t get the idea out of his head. I was considering going to bed, but instead made a fresh batch of cookies from scratch.

Yes. Praise me. I was tired but I still made some awesome cookies.

Okay, that is my only photographic piece of evidence for now, but I’m telling you that I’m going the eventually build up enough to make my case for the Nobel Prize of Wifery. I just need to document more and then learn how to cook a really good steak.

One Comment to “Project #247 – Cookies as Evidence of Good Wifery”

  1. challengeher says:

    Good Steak as taught to me by a Man.

    This works with any decent cut. I like New York Strips or small filets.

    salt and pepper both sides of your steak
    Heat an Iron Skillet
    Melt butter, or mix of butter and olive oil. Don't burn.
    add steak and cover with spatter shield.
    Cook 2-4 min per side (depending on thickness)
    Lower heat, add steak sauce
    Cook at low heat 4-6 more minutes


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