Project #242 – Pittsburgh Tunnels Quiz

I’ve been a sporcle quiz addict for about a year. Thanks to them I can enumerate all of the elements in the periodic table, name all of the Presidents of the United States and write out all of the sea areas of the BBC Shipping Forecasts.

Recently, sporcle opened up their quiz generator so that anyone can put together their one of their own. I put together a quick one honoring my current hometown.

Name the Tunnels of Pittsburgh

2 Comments to “Project #242 – Pittsburgh Tunnels Quiz”

  1. kathy says:

    Thanks for giving me a new way to waste my time! I sent the link to my dad and now he feels like a bad Pittsburgher because he only got 3 of 7 (to be fair to him, he was only a driven in Pittsburgh for a couple of years).

  2. Alison says:

    Ha! I think I would have missed at least two of them before putting together this quiz. I didn't know the name for either of the public transit tunnels until I looked them up.

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