Project #236 – Half Baked Idea Poster Prototype

This afternoon I took a trip to the Waffle Shop to do a run-through of my Visionary Ideas talk. Since my idea involved teaching chickens different kinds of phonemes, I loaded Mary into the car to see how she behaved when separated from her sisters.

One of the rules for the contest is that digital aids aren’t allowed. I’ll be using posters with cutout illustrations. The shop is rather small, so I made a demo poster-slide to see if it would work for the area, but I learned that instead of sizing everything for the dining room table sized diner, I would have to make everything large enough for the cathedral across the street. Nuts. I need to figure out how to make my visual aids big enough to be seen from 100 feet away.

Mary did not like her trip, but only grumbled while sitting in the Waffle Shop and grudgingly accepted peanuts as a consolation. However, when I took her across the street to the church she went completely bonkers. She’s never been in a space that big and the enormousness of it spooked her. I’ve never heard a chicken scream before, but her only reaction to the sanctuary was an “AAAAAAAAAAAA! [pause for breath] AAAAAAAAAAAA!” She stopped as soon as I took her out of there, but the damage was done. She’d spent less than an hour out in the East Liberty neighborhood, but she was just done with me for the rest of the day.

Luckily, my talk will be later at night when she’ll be a little more mellow. We’ll keep her cage covered by a blanket just to keep her calm.

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