Project #216 – Test Tube Bud Vases

I like being able to put flowers in unexpected places.

I used some science surplus test tubes and neodymium disc magnets to make my bud vases. Whatever magnets you use will need to be strong, so rare earth magnets are a good place to start. I also used some epoxy to hold the two pieces together.

The brand I used had minimal fumes, so I felt comfortable mixing it in small quantities indoors. I also scuffed up the test tubes with a little sandpaper to give the glue a rougher surface to adhere to.

My test tubes are narrow enough so that the water tension doesn’t break when we open the dishwasher. However, we do have to water the flowers at least once a day because even if we fill it to the top, it’s still just a few mL of water.

This kind of arrangement might work for simple wedding or shower decorations. The vases could be attached to a magnetic picture frame or stuck to a metal container holding candles or pens and paper. People could even take them home as party favors.

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