Project #212 – Flower Arrangement

Oh boy. Oh boy. Today. Today, I deserve a drink. Sadly, it is difficult to do my job and drink at the same time, so I’m settling for the $5 variety bouquet at the Farmer’s market as my pick-me-up. Just carrying the flowers around the market and to my car did a little to lift my spirits.

When I take a new bouquet of flowers home I always prepare them immediately. First, I cut the stem of each flower at an angle underwater so they can easily take in moisture. I keep the cut stems initially in a holding container full of cold water until I’m ready to arrange them. Next, I remove any leaves or buds from the lower part of the stem; they’ll rot underwater. After that, I’ll mix one part Sprite or 7-up with four parts water and pour that into my vase. Finally, I’ll arrange the flowers in the vase starting with the tallest and working my way to the lowest stems, clipping as necessary. The tallest stems are in the middle of the neck of the vase and the shortest ones will be around the rim.

I try to put flowers of the same variety at different levels, and keep the most prominent ones to odd numbers, this makes the arrangement look a little less artificial and more natural and spontaneous.

It’s embarrassing that spending a little money at the market can make me feel better.

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