Project #210 – Picnic Dinner

Today was a good day. I spend most of my days working from home silent and alone. I love being by myself, but I do find myself anticipating the arrival of my husband home from work starting in the early evening. I was kind of climbing the walls from not leaving the house much this week, so as soon as Clark got home I packed a dinner and dragged him back out of the door almost immediately. I wanted to go somewhere with trees and a place to swim outside of the city limits. South Park fits that description and has a wave pool open until the late hour of 7:30 pm.

We arrived at the wave pool just 30 minutes before closing. Because there was just one wave cycle left we got in for free! I love teenagers who just don’t care that much about enforcing the rules! This was absolutely the best way this scenario could have worked out for my black, cheapskate heart. The pool was huge and nearly empty so I was able to wear myself out diving and swimming around. Clark is still trying to find a way feel comfortable swimming in the deep end, especially when the waves are churning, so I waved a lot to him from the 8′ section. He always seems amazed at how long I can swim without resting, which is funny because I can’t run anywhere near as far as he can. Though it does make me feel like deep down I’m an aquatic mammal.

I’m always ravenous after a good swim.

I packed tomatoes, salami, really good prosciutto, plantain chips, a peach, soft cheese, cuban crackers, baklava, almonds, a bottle of water, and a nice bottle of cherry soda.

I like eating outside.

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