Project #209 – Equation Fabric

Okay, one last design before the deadline!

All of the equations in the above fabric are from actual science and math applications. There are a few permutation and factorial equations, which I use a lot. You might also recognize the Ideal gas law, which was known as “Piv Nert” or “Pimp Nerd” in my high school and appropriated as a nickname by one of my classmates. Fun times.

One Comment to “Project #209 – Equation Fabric”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I absolutely LOVE this fabric. My husband and I are expecting and our little bundle arrives in April 2012. We really want a “nerdy nursery/cutie pi” and think this fabric could be the perfect touch. Is there any way to get it made in softer more baby friendly hues? Or do you have any ideas for other fabrics that might match this and create a softer look?
    Amazed by your work.


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