Project #206 – Fall Wardrobe Plan

I used to be that the end of summer meant back to school shopping and new clothes. In my younger days that meant angst and boredom at the department store. As I got older I gradually grew an interest in clothes, although, mind you, it was years after most other young ladies my age began to care about what they wore. Still, I developed my own shopping system. I would look at the Sunday circulars for items I liked, circle them and then try to assemble a wardrobe under the dollar amount set by my mother. Other times of year I shopped where-ever for what-ever with friends, but fall always had a plan and a mission.

Now, instead of perusing circulars and catalogs, I’m looking through pattern books and my fabric stash. This is my second year of making all of my own clothes, or at least my second year of attempting not to buy clothes I am capable of making myself. The magic of having this kind of goal is that it’s suddenly made me impervious to impulse. I can slide through a entire rack of clothes thinking “…I can make that…I can make that…that is hideous…I can make that…” Now I can walk out of stores empty handed when it used to be guaranteed that I would drop at least $50. It’s a nice feeling. In fact, it’s been months since I so much as purchased a pair of socks.

I’ll be joining the wardrobe contest over at to give me limits and structure for my fall clothes. There’s just something about having rules that makes it easier to make a plan and get started. I’ll be making most of my stuff with a future trip abroad in mind, so there will definitely be some pieces that are more conservative than my usual style.

I’ve been waiting for it to finally get cool enough to sew. It’s not fun to be buried under piles of fabric when it’s 85 degrees in the house. I’m excited to start again.

A larger version of my wardrobe plan can be found here.

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