Project #205 – Gazpacho

It is really freakin’ hot in my house and there is no way that I am going to turn on my oven. Still, I have mountains of fresh vegetables from the garden and only so much I can do with them without heat.

Curious, I looked up some recipes for gazpacho, the famous chilled tomato-based soup, and I was relieved to see that not only did it not require any heating, but that all of ingredients needed to make my own were in the garden or the fridge.

I pulled my ingredients, mixed them according to this recipe and left them to chill in the fridge overnight.

I had a bowl with dinner and as I sipped it I just felt wrong. It tasted just fine, but like a room temperature glass of milk or an uncooked but apple from a warm room, it just felt weird in my mouth. I really wanted to warm the soup on the stove.

Okay, so maybe cold soups are not for me. I do like dips and this would probably go well with a bowl of tortilla chips. I’ll stick to popsicles if I feel hot.

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