Project #202 – Copic Marker Drawings

When I was younger I was convinced that I was a genius and without hesitation I would be able to pick up any musical instrument and play perfectly without hesitation. I would look at a piano or an violin and imagine myself playing them, my hands moving expertly. However, in reality, every time I touched a musical instrument nothing but screechy noise came out.

However, if there ever was ever an instrument built that I could pick up and play without any prior practice…it would be a marker.

I’ve been watching demos of Copic markers on youtube and drooling over what they can do. They’re like watercolors in a pen, capable of blending and layering color in ways that ordinary markers cannot. Both of the illustrations above were done by a single marker. I’m in love.

These markers are super pricey, so I only purchased a few for this initial trial. The cheapest ones in Pittsburgh, cheaper than on the internet, even, can be found at the CMU art store.

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