Project #196 – Spelt Wheat Bread

I purchased a small bag of spelt wheat flour on a whim at a farmer’s market a few weeks ago. I’ve used whole spelt wheat berries as a snack in the past, but I had no idea that they could be used for baking. The seeds always had a nutty, wholesome flavor to them and those are things I like in a bread.

I tested the flour using my daily baguette recipe, replacing the bread flour with spelt flour.

I don’t know if all spelt wheat is like this, but the meal seemed to be a lot coarser than regular bread flour. I don’t know if that is due to old timey griding on the part of the producer, or if it’s just due the seed itself. The dough itself reminded me of the texture of cornbread batter, though it was a lot springier than most rising bread doughs.

I had a big hunk with dinner. The verdict: I liked it, husband not so much. It’s kind of a coarse tasting bread, traditional peasant fare, but it’s good with butter and tasty morsels. However, next time, I’ll try using the little bit of flour left in a recipe where cornmeal would be used.

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