Project #195 – Sit Upon

We’re going to another bonfire in the woods! I like nature, but I do not like sitting on the ground or on dirty benches. When I was a girl scout about *mumble* *mumble* years ago we would make these things called ‘sit-upons’ so that we wouldn’t have to get our precious fannies wet or muddy in the wilderness. The first one I ever made consisted of a few laminated layers of newspaper and didn’t last too long. Now it’s time for a sturdier, more grown up version.

My sit-upon is made of a layer of quilt batting sandwiched between two layers of vinyl. It will be waterproof, comfy, and easy to roll up and carry.

First, I sewed the two vinyl pieces together on three sides, right sides together. I then turned to vinyl and inserted the batting. I sewed the open end shut, tucking in the edges, and topstitched on two ends for extra waterproofiness.

Rolled up and ready for campfire time!

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