Project #194 – Farm Animal Designs

Today I woke up at 4am to finish something for testing this morning. I’d worked a full day and a little more by lunch time. I’m kind of sick of these days where I’m too tired to actually rest and spend most of the day zombied in front of the TV or on the internet. I need to do things while my work schedule is flexible. I need to go and see things outside of my house.

So, I went to the county fair, the county fair three counties away. I went to the Fayette County Fair. I’d never been to a real county fair, one with livestock and blue ribbons. My hometown only seemed to have fairs that were related to civil war reenactments.

There were so many things on display in competition. I never knew that fairs gave out prizes for best hay.

Holy crap, there was a lot of livestock.

I took a special interest in the rabbit & poultry pavilion.

It was teeth-vibratingly loud in there as each of the roosters attempted to out do each other.

Blue ribbons only went to the giantest of a particular kind of livestock. This duck was the size of a suitcase.

I couldn’t imagine any of my chickens tolerating such a tiny cage for a week. I am raising princesses…or maybe chickens with higher standards.

Still, I took lots of pictures that I’ll be able to use later for screen printing or fabric design.

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