Project #192 – Pictograph Map of Pennsylvania

Do you remember the World Book encyclopedias? I think I read through the entire set in my home, from A to WXYZ. One of my favorite parts was the pictograph maps of each state showing the major mining, manufacturing and agricultural products and what area they come from. You know, the ones with tiny cow, hay and fabric icons over their region of production. I thought they were a commonplace teaching tool, but I found it really difficult to find any online and none for Pennsylvania.

I love my adopted state of Pennsylvania. It’s not too hot and there are good dairy products available. It deserves a pictograph map made after 1970.

I thought doing the research for this would be a snap. I would just have to look up production records using the magic of the internet, and plop the icon on the corresponding county. Voila! Sadly, this information is really, really hard to come by on the internet. It was even tough to find what I needed at the Pennsylvania Room at the main branch of the city library. What I did find at the library was 15 years old at the most recent. Booo!

I still don’t have county-level statistics for aluminum or lime, which are top mining products for the state. Maybe I should take that as a sign that I am taking this waaay too seriously. If the library, the one with the pennsylvania room, doesn’t know this stuff, maybe I can be excused.

Featured above are icons for eggs, chicken, pork, dairy, beef, lamb, mushrooms (we’re #1, baby!), apples, forest products, coal, uranium, dimension stone, oil, steel, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications.

Larger version is stashed here

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  1. becky says:

    I cannot.tell you how much I appreciate this map! My daughter had to place the agriculture of PA in the appropriate places and this was a god send!

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