Japanese Fabric Finds: Otsukaya, Part 1

Otsukaya (Kurumamichi, Nagoya) – This place is the Mother of all Japanese fabric stores. It is simply huge and by far wins for total selection and prices. I found so many things that I hadn’t seen anywhere else and other things for 200-300 yen less than the equivalent in Tokyo. The discount pile is easy to miss on the first floor, but two weeks ago it was stuffed with bolts and bolts of fabrics that I had contemplated buying on the internet for $20 or more, all for 400 yen or less. The top floor has a great selection of quilting cottons and Japanese-style fabric. I think I walked around for two hours with a look of pure ecstasy on my face.

This store is also cash only, but that is probably for the best in my case.

Plus, there is a little cafe on the second floor where one could stash their husband and buy him cake and coffee for being so patient.

It’s really worth a trip from Tokyo if you have half a day to spare. It’s only an hour on the Hikari and then a quick switch to the Sakura-dori line on the city subway. One of the exits from Kurumamichi Station leads directly to Otsukaya’s front door.

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  1. -@^@- says:

    I used to go to Otsukaya about twenty years ago when I lived in Nagoya, and I remember that they had some great paper that they wrapped your purchases in; it featured a lady with curly (frizzy) hair in various locations around her house. She had a cat and a bird, both of whom also had the curly/frizzy hair. Do they still use this paper?

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