Project #184 – Metafilter 10th Anniversary Party

I don’t know why I volunteered to organize this party. I’m bad at answering email promptly and strangers kind of scare me. I hosted some neighborhood events over election season and I’m terrified that I’m going to run into people whom I’ve met, but completely forgotten. I’m terrible at remembering faces unless they belong to people doing bit parts in movies.

Still, being in charge means that I got to pick a venue within walking distance of my house. Hough’s is my favorite bar in Greenfield and the owner, Barb, was nice enough to let us use the private room. I had to screw up the courage to make that request, but she said ‘yes’ and I scored points towards my ‘Negotiation with People You Barely Know’ merit badge.

The really shocking thing was that everyone who RSVPed showed up, plus some extra ‘maybes’. I’m used to the law of internet gatherings, which states that you can count on between 0% and 50% of people who say they’re planning on coming to an event to actually show up. I was really pleased to be in a room full of interesting people, all of whom know the importance of mushrooms and the significance of a single period.

I brought little metal wire puzzles to give people something to do with their hands.

Some of the pictures didn’t turn out so well. I’m not a fan of the look of most pictures taken with a flash, so I tried to take most of the pictures without one in dim bar light. Even with massive photoshopping of the levels, the colors are weird and there is too much noise. I need to get a better camera, suck it up and use the flash, or start carrying my own light sources around.

Hmmm…I’ve made portable lighting systems before…that could be the way to go next time I need to take a picture in a bar.

The full photo set can be found here.

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