Project #180 – Black Cherry Shortcake

This is probably the best time of year to be on a tight food budget. I’m a fruit eater and it pains me to do without. Happily, all of the good stuff, including black cherries, is selling for $1 a pound. Yaaaaay! Summer rules! Winter drools!

I made black cherry shortcake for a dinner gathering tonight from my fruit stash. It’s been ages since I’ve had strawberry shortcake that was not served on a stick.

The funny thing about shortcake is that it’s not really a cake, it’s more like a sweet biscuit.

I used this recipe from and replaced the strawberries and their 1/2 cup of sugar with sweetened, simmered black cherries.

Black cherries are a little firmer than strawberries and need a little extra cooking time to get them gooey enough for a dessert like this. I just took three cups of cherries and combined them with 1/2 cup of sugar in a saucepan. I simmered them until just before boiling, mashing the cherries with a wooden spoon. I separated the cherries, added them to the shortcake, and used the liquid as a garnish. I could drink this stuff by itself. Yummy.

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