Project #177 – Wedding Flowers

Our next big wedding task was to purchase and make all of the floral arrangements.
The farmer’s market is an awesome place to buy flowers for cheap if you co at the right time of year. My oldest brother-in-law (the one not getting married) and I managed to get all of reception flowers and greenery, seen in the picture above, for about $60. $60!

The important thing to do when you purchase flowers is to cut the stems at an angle (preferably under water) and put them in water immediately. We bought the flowers the day before we needed them, so we put them in a cooler 3/4 of water and added ice to help keep the flowers for over blooming by adding ice to keep them cool.

My in-laws had nearly 30 family heirloom ice cream dishes that we used to do the flower arrangements. I tried to make the flower arrangements look a little like ice cream sundaes.

I woke up super early this morning to finish all of the the arrangements so that they would be ready to go by the afternoon. Everyone was up early with some sort of task to do.

This sort of DIY wedding won’t work for every family, but I kind of like doing it this way. We all have different skills that fit well together and it really makes me feel like a part of the family to have something to contribute.

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