Project #176 – Cake Topper

I’m spending this weekend in Omaha for my brother-in-law’s wedding. The bride and groom are pretty relaxed about planning the reception, so me and my other, oldest brother-in-law will probably be doing a good chunk of the planning, at least where it comes to decorations.

Being a type-A, hyper-organizer, immediately upon arrival I took out my research notebook and grilled everyone on what needed to be done. We took charge of the flowers, the favors, and the cake topper. The cake topper would be the simplest to get done, so we addressed it first. The bride and groom both have the first initial ‘m’ i their given names, so we decided to either go with M&Ms figurines or the initials themselves. Whichever we found first would win.

Fun fact: the letter ‘M’ is usually the first letter to sell out in craft stores because it is an essential component in the word ‘Mom’.

So, instead of buying just two, I ended up with a whole carton of letters, luckily one with two ‘M’s. Phew.

I didn’t have a ton of craft supplies to work with at my in-law’s house, so we kept it simple. We used 15-year-old wood glue and toothpicks to get the letters to stand up on the cake.

Well, ‘cake’ isn’t quite the right word because my mother-in-law made nearly 100 mini cheesecakes instead of a one giant, fluffy cake. They were amazingly tasty, and a few were stolen before the bride and groom had a chance to take a taste. Fortunately, they’re the laid back type of couple, so there was no cutting of bitches over the prematurely nibbled display.

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