Project #173 – Polymer Clay Tiles

I have lots of extra bits of polymer clay leftover from two years worth of projects and they’re starting to get annoying. They have a knack for falling out of the box and scattering under whatever furniture is nearby, picking up dust along the way.

Farewell, little bits, you have finally been turned into something useful.

I once again used one of my square cookie cutters (seriously, these are one of the most useful tools I own) and stamped my little tiles out of flat sheets of clay.

The trick to getting really nice, flat sheets of polymer clay is to use a pasta press. I got mine from a yard sale for $10, and I’ve seen at least three since then. They’re like fondue sets, lots of people have ones that they’ve used once now just want their cupboard space back. You can buy them new in kitchen utensil or craft stores, but they will cost $30 or more.

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