Project #170 – Polymer Clay Cinnamon Rolls

I have a fierce sweet tooth. I love baking desserts, I love eating them and I love just looking at pictures of them. Occasionally, I dream about desserts, but I’ve never successfully eaten a dream pastry. To me, the best way to express love is through baked goods, preferably by giving them to me while they are still warm. It’s an ‘I love you’ that you can eat, preferably in small bits over the course of a few days so that the maximum enjoyment can be extracted.

My husband does not really like desserts and doesn’t really understand their importance to me. Still, he tries his best and brought home a cinnamon roll for Dozen in Lawrenceville. I ate half of it immediately.

{Pittsburgh secret: The best cinnamon rolls in the city are from Food, Glorious Food in Highland Park and are only sold on Saturday mornings. It’s worth getting up early to have one before they are sold out, trust me.}

Of course, the giving of baked goods must be celebrated.

Man, cinnamon roll icing is hard to simulate in clay. It’s got this drippy, gooey, translucent texture that I had a dickens of a time trying to replicate. I tried an alternative method using a lashing of glue, while it is better than the thick clay coil, it still needs work.

{UPDATE} The glue looked for a little while like it would be the best bet for simulating cinnamon roll icing, but unfortunately, it dried completely clear. That does not look appetizing at all.

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  1. pontifexofpunk says:

    When I'd try for a similar effect on stuff I'd make, I'd mix a super thin ink with the glue. If you match the colors right, works nicely!

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