Project #166 – Cutsey Knit Dress

Okay, this is crazy…but a friend, a very convincing friend, talked me into attending Anthrocon this year. Yes, it’s that Anthrocon, the annual furry convention. I had no idea that there was an annual convention, in my fair city of Pittsburgh no less, of people who like dressing up as and acting like animals. At first, I had absolutely no desire to go, but my friend convinced me over several months with stories about canine commandos and technicolor panther pimps. I am easy to wear down if you can tell a good story.

So, now I’m resigned to going. And of course, as with any special event I had to make a new dress, one that will serve as my camouflage. The fabric itself is covered with tiny frolicking animals.

It was my intention to make this dress using a new pattern, but the test run didn’t turn out too well. So, out of impatience I used a familiar adaptation of two patterns, S3835 from the neck to the armpits, and M5144 from there to the bottom hem. I also add darts in back to make the shape a little more fitted. I’ve now made this exact knit dress a total of four times, and this is the second one this year. Still, the pattern is really versatile and it’s as comfy as wearing a pair of pajamas.

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