Project #164 – Sewing Pattern Translation

**These pictures are far too tiny to be useful, but you can find a larger version of my translation here, and the original page here.**

It’s been about three years since I’ve actually translated anything from Japanese. I find it much easier to just read something without taking the time to write everything out, and lord knows I spent plenty of time doing that in college. Of course, this leaves me suspended at a reading level that can only handle crafting books and comic books, and I’m a little disappointed that I still have trouble reading the newspaper. Clark can just pick up a copy of the Asahi and flip through casually, while I’ll spend 20 minutes frowning over a two column article.

Still, translating something, even something withing my comfort level is good brain exercise. I also learned that I’ve been reading a few words completely wrong for years, namely the word for ‘topstitch’, which I’d been mistaking as a synonym for just ‘stitch’. Oh well, reading is fun, y’all!

My, my those are some mighty fine diagrams.

The pattern is from this book, 直線縫いでざくざくできるスカート, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in making their own skirts. I’ve been wanting this book for months, mostly for the pattern above, and some friends were kind enough to bring back a copy for me last week. Now I have the whole thing and not just a few thumbnails online, oh and there are sooo many good skirts, ones that I would never have dreamed up on my own. Japanese craft books are the best!

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