Project #162 – Sweet Cream Biscuit BLT

My house smells like bacon. Jealous?

I’ve been living off of the contents of our cupboards and whatever is ripe in the garden for the last two weeks. If I can make it to Friday without grocery shopping we’ll have enough money left in the budget to go out to eat. We’ve made some budget cutbacks and I’m getting sick of my own cooking.

However, I will never tire of BLTs or biscuits. I’m a Southern Girl, so biscuits are my kryptonite; I am weak against their buttery goodness. Everyone in the south, it seems, has a grandma that makes awesome biscuits. I have no sunbelt-dwelling, biscuit-making grannies of my own, but I managed to live off of the largess of other peoples’ Meemaw biscuits. Still, I have no recipe that I am beholden to, so I tend to try a new one each time. Recently, I heard about whipping cream as the magic ingredient for making those perfect dense, cakey biscuits.

I tried this recipe to make the sweet cream biscuits. Holy crap, these are so good! The bottoms burn easily, so I need to figure out some strategies to fix that. Still, best dinner ever!

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