Project #160 – T-Shirt Muslin

Many sewists call test runs of patterns ‘muslins’ after the cheap, undyed cotton fabric used traditionally to make and test patterns.

I’m usually terrible about testing out patterns with inexpensive fabric before trying with the pricey stuff. Most of the time it’s that I don’t have time to make two of something. I just want one that is the right color, the right fabric and fits. Usually, I get lucky and the finished product fits with only minor alterations.

However, there are some fabrics that are too dear and some patterns that are too untrustworthy. I think my instincts were correct and I saved myself some frustration and heartbreak by trying out NL 6813 before cutting into my nice, cute fabric. Since this pattern calls for knits, I sacrificed some of my leftover green cotton interlock instead.

Sigh. This pattern won’t work for me without some major alterations. The sleeves are too loose and the cut around the waist is way too baggy. I could alter to fix these flaws, but there is something about the cut that is not cute. I really want a t-shirt pattern that can be converted to a dress and have a contrasting collar. I guess it’s back to scratch, then.

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