Project #153 – Crossword Puzzle Grid Maker

I watched the first half of Wordplay yesterday, a documentary about the New York Times crossword puzzle, it’s creators, and admirers. I had no idea that the daily puzzle is actually made not by one person, but lots of different people, nearly a hundred every year. They even showed one of the puzzle makers assembling a crossword, and it looked so easy.

The puzzle maker used a grid on paper to plan his crossword. I, however, would probably erase through the paper from changing my mind so many times. Instead, I decided to make my own electronic, customizable grid that would suit my purpose better.

I tried to make my grid as simple as possible. Just click on a square to enter a letter. Press the ‘ENTER’ key to turn a square black, Its mirror image will also be turned black in the grid style of the New York Times. Click again to make the black square go away.

I think my next version will have automatic numbering and a customizable grid size.

I’ve played with this thing for a few hours, and one thing is certain: making crossword puzzles is not easy at all.

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  1. Ramie says:

    Thank you so much for making this! I am an amateur crossword puzzle constructor (emphasis on amateur) and have been looking for something exactly like this! You really picked up on exactly what kind of features are needed in a program like this, and I love the ease of use. Did you ever make the version with customizable grid size and automatic numbering? Even though it is a non-standard size, I like to make 13×13 crosswords sometimes because they’re nice and quick (like my last one). Thank you so much for sharing this program!

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