Project #151 – Guitar Sketches

Clark and I went to a John Vanderslice show at the Andy Warhol Museum today. The Warhol has occasional concerts, and its theater space is a wonderful, intimate place to hear live music. Plus, it’s small enough that it’s not necessary to blast the music, and so you don’t need earplugs.

If you’ve never heard John Vanderslice’s music you should check out this, and this, and this. Clark and I went to see him perform with the Mountain Goats in Ohio, but due to a miscommunication we missed his set entirely. Still, he came out and sang one song with John Darnielle and I was really gobsmacked by how amazing his voice sounds in person. The tone and variation of notes he can hit are quite arresting, so I was really looking forward to hearing a whole concert of that today.

I also love that the whole band sticks around to talk to audience members afterwords, too. I spent the whole concert drawing cartoons of everyone’s instruments, so it was really wonderful to talk to each performer about their instruments and getting a closer look. John even taught Clark how to play the chords to Kookaburra so that he’ll have something extra to practice during his lunchtimes.

This is John Vanderslice’s acoustic guitar, monsterified. All of the stringed instruments had faces and personalities

I wish I had written down the brand of John’s electric guitar. He mentioned in between songs that the manufacturer adds faux aging to their guitars and rolled his eyes a little.

John is also amusingly obsessed with this video of a concert from the Sasquatch festival.

Jamie played the bass on a really sweet Rickenbacker. I will never be able to do the curves justice.

This is Sylvan’s guitar. It had so many features that I had a tough time putting them together, even when I got a good look at it after the show, so I made an alternative, simplified sketch. He said that his instrument was a cheap one that cost about $600, but it sounded quite nice for the money.

I couldn’t get a good look at the drums or keyboards from where I was sitting, so their sketches were pretty incomplete.

Lastly, here is a horse typing a novel.

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