Project #141 – Baaaaby Animal Party

Our poultry adoptees are getting less adorable by the day (though, on the bright side they’re getting closer to laying eggs), so I wanted to have a small (< 12 people) party so that our friends could experience some of the remaining cute. Together with free food, baby animals create an irresistible combination.

It was tempting to buy a bucket of chicken to feed everyone, but instead I took the less creepy route and had everyone make their own mini pizzas. I used my olive oil crisp recipe to make the dough for the crust in advance. I’m kind of kicking myself for not getting a picture of the pizzas, but they were tasty and gone immediately.

We served the pizzas along with some homemade salsa with chips, finger veggies, and strawberries with brown sugar whipped cream. Many thanks to my friend Saralinda for the extensive pre-party chopping.

The ducks didn’t take to the party atmosphere and squawked at anyone who came near. The chickens, on the other hand, were okay with being handled and seemed to enjoy the attention. They even fought over the best perch on the lip of their laundry basket so they could see what was going on most of the evening.

So cute!

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    I'm not sure how I got here (Curbly maybe?) but I am LOVING this blog. They're so cute!

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