Project #139 – Mobile Poultry Coop Plans

Our ducks and chickens are quickly outgrowing their current living quarters. The pen that houses the ducks is quickly developing a thick coat of duck poop despite daily cleanings with the hose. The chickens are also getting too big to be comfortable in their overturned laundry basket accommodations. It’s been a week and a half and I swear that they have doubled in size.

Clark has promised to help me build more permanent living quarters for the animals, but he needs plans to help him figure out what supplies to purchase. The new duck pen will be open on the bottom to allow them to graze on the grass underneath. We’ll be able to move them around the yard to keep them from completely denuding any one area. Ducks need about 4-5 feet of floor space to be comfortable, so we’ll need to build something that will have at least 10 square feet, plus a little extra for an enclosed nighttime shelter.

The chickens have a little easier time getting around vertically, so while the first level will be similar to what the ducks will have, they will also get a second story that will serve as their nighttime enclosure and laying area. This box will just be a (near) cube with an opening in the floor for chicken entry and exit. Of course, we will build a ramp to help them get up there.

I hope we build the duck coop soon. They are getting more and more pissy at us for bringing them in at night. The chickens are getting used to being handled, but the ducks act like we are inflicting the greatest indignity by touching them at all. We adopted two duck princesses.

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