Project #137 – 1950s Vintage Dress with Tie Back Neck

I made my second dress based on a vintage pattern, Simplicity 4341. I’m not sure I’m in love with the styling, but this is why I try out new, complicated-looking patterns in cheap fabric. The cotton dotted fabric used here was $2 a yard on sale. That, along with thread, a side zipper and some interfacing adds up to less than $10 in total.

It’s kind of shocking how delicate the pattern pieces are in these 50+ year old copies. I tore multiple ones and had to tape the delicately back together. The instructions, too, are looking worse for the wear.

I really wish that instructions on how to tie the back tie into a bow were included. The interfacing doesn’t seem to help; instead of adding structure, its extra thickness makes it nearly impossible to form a neat knot that will stay tied. This is why first drafts are important, I wouldn’t want to waste important fabric on something that is less than fabulous. It’s nice to have a chance to learn from myb mistakes.

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