Project #124 – Charity Candy Box

Karis is one of the best people I’ve ever met, the closest thing to a Bodhisattva that I’ve ever seen. She’s been in the hospital, and in an out of the transplant ICU, since October, with only a few days of reprieve. She is too ill to travel and can’t go back to her hometown, São Paulo, Brazil.

Still, she stays involved even if she’s thousands of miles away. When she heard that a school (CEVAP, or “Centro de Valorização da Pessoa”) where she volunteered would have to find a new building or shut down, she took advantage of the reader base of her blog to solicit funds. I donated out of pocket, but I need a scheme to acquire further funds. There might just be a source in the one place I spend most of my waking hours.

We got a new snack box yesterday at work after nearly cleaning out the last one (seen above), as we do every month. It’s always an event at the office and each of us, one-by-one, will sneak into the kitchen and assess the goods offered. This week there was a near snack box mutiny because there was only one chocolate based candy bar, clearly unacceptable. (Note to snack box company: more peanuts and chocolate, less crackers, or there will be consequences, plzthxbye.)

I decided to take advantage of the chocolate shortage and put together my own chocolatey candy box to raise money for my Karis’s school. I purchased candy from Target on my way home, which was more expensive than I had imagined, ~50 cents for a full-sized candy bar. Boo. Still, it is candy for the education of the children.

I made the box itself from two cereal boxes that I spliced together and painted white. The back panel is covered with a collage and a note explaining the charity. I had some springs and little metal clamps that were also put to good use holding the prices of the items. On one side are the full sized candy bars, and on the other are miniatures at a lower price. Multiple price points are good for business.

I prepared a second, smaller display for my husband to take to his workplace, too. I’m going to match any donations I receive, so whoopee.

If you’re not around to buy candy, please donate through the CEVAP page. The button is at the bottom; payment should be made c/o Rachel Kornfield (CEVAP). I’ve met some of the volunteers working with the kids, so you can at least say that there you heard it from someone who knows someone who has a direct hand in this legitimate endeavor, even if they might be a dog on the internet.

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