Project #123 – Japanese Stationary Flickr Set

Clark and I developed a taste for goods emblazoned with ungrammatical/messed up English phrases, a phenomenon often called Engrish. While Americans spent tons of money on clothes, tattoos and home decor items covered with vague and usually incorrect Asian characters during the early late 90′s and early 2000′s, people in Asia did the same, vice-versa, although there were fewer tattoos involved and much more school supplies. In fact, the trend has persisted up until today and has grown to include goods covering French, German and other Western languages. I guess it’s supposed to impart an air of mysterious learnedness around the user, though it’s bound to be funny to anyone who actually speaks the languages in question. We tend to collect the weirdest things we can find.

I love the random English stationary the best (it’s used for most of our household correspondence), so I decided to make a Flickr set dedicated to our collection. I scanned all I could find for this set, which means that I probably only found half. I’ll scan more as I find more, but that will have to wait until a major cleaning day, which is something we probably need in the near future.

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