Project #122 – Robot Plates

Yaaay! I’ve been running home right after work and immediately cranking out robot drawings just to try to get this set done in time for delivery at a friend’s pre-wedding party today. Of course, I completely forgot to photograph the plates before handing them over, so I waited until gift opening time and then photographed them on the living room floor of the lovely couple’s home; a breach of etiquette perhaps, but everyone seemed to understand that I needed portfolio pictures.

I made four big plates and four smaller ones, as well as matching bowls. Usually I like to source my ceramics from garage sales and thrift stores, but I wanted a pristine set for this project, so I bought these dishes from Ikea. They had a nice, wide lip and held up unmarred to the three hour car ride.

The bride a groom are not traditional people, so I can’t imagine them having a china pattern picked out. It would be really cool to have my set of dishes either function as traditional china, or everyday dishes. I any case, I just hope they don’t end up gathering dust in a basement somewhere.

I tried not to repeat robot designs, and while I succeeded on each individual plate (I think), I definitely failed over the whole set. Ah, Pigeonhole Principle, we meet again.

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