Project #121 – Butter.

The topic of butter making came up somewhere, I can’t even remember where, a few weeks ago. Someone mentioned that it’s possible to make butter by just shaking cream in a container for about 20 minutes, which for some reason just sounded wrong to me. Wouldn’t you need something besides just cream, like the rennet in cheese, to give butter its taste and color?

I decided to try it for myself. I poured some whipping cream into a little plastic container and shook it for about 20 minutes. To kill time I weeded the garden with one hand and shook the container with the other. Midway through I peeked and saw that the cream had thickened into whipped cream. I shook for another 10 minutes and half expected to see the same whipped cream, but shockingly there was a large nugget of butter sitting in a pool of buttermilk.

I salted the butter slightly and took it with me to the Star Trek movie (which was fantastic, and I hate everything) that evening and Clark and I ate it with our popcorn. I got some funny looks from out friends, but fresh butter really is magically tasty. I don’t know if it will replace out regular butter buying, but it might be fun to make some gourmet butters as gifts.

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