Project #119 – Parasol Dress

I have four weddings and two high school reunions to attend this year, all out of state, which means that most of our disposable income will be going to pay for plane tickets, gifts, food, and…umm I think there is at least one mandatory bachelor party in there, so yes, some of our money will probably be going to strippers. Sigh. Good bye vacation days and money.

So, this means that I need to spend as little money as possible on clothes, and therefore I need to work with what I’ve got. Luckily, I’ve already got a substantial stockpile of silks and prints that are wedding-appropriate and pass the strict no black (Unsupportive!), no white (Upstaging the bride!), no red (Hussy!) wedding dress code. Though I do believe that these rules are outdated and I don’t fault anyone else for wearing any of these colors, there is some deep neurosis in me that keeps my brain beeping “MUST. FOLLOW. OLD. TIMEY. WEDDING. RULES!” Though I will tell the bride ‘congratulations’ because the logic behind not saying it (‘Congratulations’ is supposed to imply man-trapping.) is just absurd.

The pattern for today’s dress is a vintage reprint from 1960, B6582. I’ve made view B before, but at a size too small as you can probably tell from the picture. This try, of view C, turned out much better, probably because I’ve learned a lot about fitting in the last year. The fabric is a little loud, but probably appropriate for the (likely wacky) wedding celebration I’ll be attending this Saturday.

Yardage Countdown to buying more fabric:

1 yard – Yellow T-shirt
2 yards – Hiking Skirt
1.5 yards – Office Shirt
3.5 yards – Parasol Dress
Total: 8 yards
Remaining: 22 yards

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