Project #118 – Office Shirt

I’ve spent the last week wearing nothing but home made clothes just so I could get an idea of what kinds of things I’m missing. I have plenty of skirts and daytime dresses, but I’m definitely short on shirts, especially the kind I can wear to work. I’ve had a copy of Simplicity 2614 for a few weeks, and a quick shirt without any zippers or buttons sounded good for a shirt that I need to complete in one evening.

Actually, standing with my hands on my hips makes this shirt look a little less boxy than what it is, but what more could I expect from a shirt with no buttons or zippers? Anyway, it all works itself out when stashed under a cardigan.

Okay, my fabric stash is starting to turn into a subject of embarrassment. The corner that it occupies in the living room just grows and grows and grows and it’s threatening our furniture. I need to do something about it, so I am banned from buying any fabric until I sew a total of 30 yards, which I’m going to try to adhere to for once. Muuuuust…beeeeee…FRUGAL!

I’m going to count my hiking outfit from yesterday and the day before so here is the current total:

1 yard – Yellow T-shirt
2 yards – Hiking Skirt
1.5 yards – Office Shirt
Total: 4.5 yards
Remaining: 25.5 yards

That’s a good start, three garments in three days. I won’t be able to hold off from fabric buying forever, so I might try to make a week out of this, though I’ll have take a day off in order to complete a wedding gift. I’m going to try hard to get it under 20 by the end of the week.

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