Project #114 – Sorta Magnetic Pizzas

I lurve miniature food and I lurve magnets, so I put some tiny pizzas together that were supposed to act as refrigerator magnets. Above is a pepperoni pizza, a mushroom and green pepper pizza (my favorite), a black olive and hamburger pizza (Clark’s favorite), and a green pepper, tomato, and pineapple pizza.

Sadly, my plan to encase the magnets in the clay didn’t work out too well. I swear that the magnets have only a millimeter or two of clay between them and the outside air, but they can’t even attach themselves to the fridge without sliding to the bottom, let alone hold up the 3-4 sheets of paper that I expect from my fridge magnets. And this was with super strong neodymium magnets! It’s an outrage!

I tested the magnets using some magnetic film, just to see if they maybe got demagnetized in the over or something. Two of my pizzas are to the left and top and a bare neodymium magnet is to the lower right. So, there is some magnetism there, but I guess the field is too diffuse and weak to be useful. I glued some magnets to the outside so now they will finally stick to the fridge, but I liked the concealed magnet better.

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