Project #108 – Tanuki Skirt

It’s finally warm enough so that I’ve been able to spend the last week wearing dresses and skirts instead of pants. I dunno, skirts, at least the kind I like, are just more comfy. I spent yesterday evening squatting over the garden bed pulling out weeds between the rain showers. I always wear a pair of shorts under any skirt, so there is no danger of me flashing anyone. Still, the neighbors must think that I am a little eccentric.

I finished turning my tanuki embroidery into a skirt for this Make-A-Skirt Thursday. The fabric is a nice medium weight linen, so it’s sturdy enough for an errand-running skirt. I used my new favorite wardrobe pattern, B5335.

The bottom hem is the perpendicular edge of the fabric. It’s been woven in such a way that it will not unravel, but it still looks a little raw and rustic. I’m not sure if I’m in love with the effect, but I might be too lazy to put in a real hem.

It’s still a little plain, so I’m thinking about adding more embroidery. I’ll be hand washing it anyway, so extra embellishment won’t make a difference.

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