Project #107 – Tooth Doodles

I had one of my wisdom teeth removed today. I hate the sound the tooth makes as it gets pulled from the socket, but the whole process only took five minutes and I was sent off without any pain killers. I took an ibuprofen and spent the rest of the day feeling weird and uncomfortable, but not in any pain. I still have all of my wisdom teeth left on my right side, so I was able to eat eggs benedict. Yep, one at a time is the way to go.

My dentist allowed me to take my tooth home saying “It’s technically medical waste, but…” The dental assistant placed it in a little white envelope. I waited a little while for it to dry out before opening. It’s gruesome, but fascinating. Any realistic drawings would be pretty lurid, and probably take more than I’ve got right now, so a few cartoon drawings of my tooth in its final moments will have to substitute.

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