Project #100 – Hiragana Flash Cards

Before I started college I knew no Japanese, but I was really interested in learning. I was a diligent student and made little hiragana flash cards and studied for weeks and practiced my name, even though there is a special alphabet (katakana) reserved for non-Japanese names. Now, almost a decade later, it’s my language of choice for yelling at people who cut in line at the grocery store. Seriously, I will cuss out anyone who neglects to notice the line of people already standing there at the self-serve checkouts.

Anyway, I would have like to have something like this when I was just starting to learn all of the characters. Enjoy.

The code for this one isn’t pretty, but if you want a copy please leave a comment. I used an older version of Flash to put everything together, so it’s in ActionScript 2.0 instead of 3.0.

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