Project #98 – Cardinal Cake Toppers

I’ve never understood why wedding cake toppers are so effing expensive. Even the boring plastic ones run more than $30 for a set. Plastic birthday cake cowboys, however, are about $1 each, further proof that anything involving the word ‘wedding’ comes with a premium attached.

That’s why I like making wedding cake toppers; it’s almost like performing a public service. Today I made a set of cardinal cake toppers out of polymer clay. After I placed the two bright red birds side by side it suddenly clicked in my head that only male cardinals have that kind of coloring. The females are more of a dove gray.

I looked up cardinals to see if there were any sub-species where the females exhibit the same bright red feathers, but nope, it’s sexual dimorphism all the way down. I also realized that that means that the queen from my earlier chess set is actually a dude.

So, I made a female bird with the correct coloring. She’s sparkly, just like her male counterparts.

But they don’t seem to be very interested in her. I don’t know, I guess the two male cardinals match the picture in my head better.

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