Project #97 – A Replacement of Barrettes

Clark and I went to Church this morning and watched the kids hunt for eggs in the tiny church courtyard afterwords. Most of the eggs were just scattered openly on the ground, but some of the kids seemed to get stumped with the few hidden in the hedges, even the older ones. One nine year old didn’t seem to understand us when we hinted that there were half a dozen eggs hidden among the liriope. He replied “I’m nine.” when we tried to nudge him in the right direction, eventually his six year old brother figured it out and swooped in and got most of the eggs. Some kids are slow.

Also, Lent is finally over and I celebrated by having two cheeseburgers. Happy Easter!

I had a short break between church and crazy beery family time, so I resupplied my barrette collection. I lose things, especially small things, frequently. I typically find about 80% of my missing items during a deep clean of the house, but the 20% attrition month by month takes its toll. Oh, and I break things frequently, too. Luckily, my record with other peoples’ stuff is pretty good because I would die of the guilt.

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