Project #90 – Yellow and Black Dress

It was so windy today that I got knocked down twice by particularly nasty gusts while trying to weed the garden. I’ll take any sign that tells me to stop weeding and do something else. It’s a chore that never fails to leave me cranky and grumpy.

I’ve made yet another dress this year that will have to wait in the closet a few days for more pleasant weather. I heard that there was a good chance of sleet and snow tomorrow. Winter flips one final bird at the city before departing for a few months every April. When I first moved here I would usually fall for the first few warm days of spring and plant my doomed seedlings too early and put away my winter clothes. This, of course, would explain my complete inability to grow cucumbers or melons year after year, because when I say ‘when I first moved here’ that included everything up until a few months ago. Still, I’m not going to fall for it this year and I won’t have a late frost yank the football out from under me.

Still, I’m prepared for the hot days ahead. Cotton and billowy skirts are a definite win for people who live in homes without air conditioning.

I lost the second page of directions to this pattern, so I ended up guessing. I think it’s a sign of my improved skills as a seamstress that for once I didn’t end up with three sleeves, or an upside down skirt for once. Small victories are nice.

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  1. Emily says:

    I love this! What pattern is it?

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