Project #83 – Hidden Chamber Hamburger

Lent has passed the 1 month mark and I’m starting to really fantasize about meat. Why do I do this to myself every year? I guess it’s good for the environment to eat less meat, but it’s so tasty that I have a hard time following through any other time of the year.

I miss hamburgers so much that I kind of want to hide little hamburgers instead of eggs this Easter. I made one today out of polymer clay with a little hollow chamber to hide a (generous, maybe) monetary prize.

I started out by forming the bun and meat patty (*drool*) parts. I used an old serger cone to measure out the hollows, but anything circular like a bottle cap will do.

I then added lettuce and cheese to my burger, rolling each flat whatever chunky markers I had handy. The cheese will go on top of the paddy, so I cut out the middle.

I used tiny neodymium magnets to hold the top of the bun in place. I pressed a stack of them into the unbaked clay on the bun top and on the cheese slice. I wiggled them around to make a depression slightly larger than my magnets. Polymer clay shrinks a little after baking, so this assures that the magnets will still fit.

Clark suggested that the hamburger would be a good place to hide a wedding ring, but that might be too rich for a regular Easter.

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