Project #82 – Fibonacci Petticoat

It’s Thursday again and time for another skirt. Yay! I’ve made a few underskirts this year already; they’re great for guarding against the winter chill, but they’ll be stifling by the time May rolls around. Today I made a short, single layer petticoat that will be more comfortable in warmer temperatures. This skirt is made from strips of cloth so no store-bought pattern is necessary. You’ll just need a ruler, scissors and something to mark cutting lines on the fabric.

As I mentioned before, I prefer to use the Fibonacci sequence to help determine how much fabric will go into each of the skirt tiers. I decided to do six really short tiers so that I would be able to get the maximum volume for my single layer (I do double and triple layered petticoats for winter). The sum of the first six non-zero Fibonacci numbers is 20 (1+1+2+3+5+8). I measured out my two yards of cloth and cut it into the 20 strips I would need.

Here are the strips folded into quarters so you can see the fabric breakdown for each tier. Almost half will go to the bottom tier.

I sewed the strips for each tier together into a ring and serged the edges so I can throw the whole thing into the washing machine without worrying. If you don’t have a serger you can use a zig-zag stitch or bias tape to protect the raw fabric edges.

It took about an hour and a half to serge the edges of the fabric pieces and stitch each tier together. I was so bored that I calculated how many miles of cloth my serger can sew in an hour as I watched it plod through each tier. It can stitch about 3 yards of fabric per minute and about a tenth of a mile in an hour. Oh, and I had to stop and rethread the machine twice, which is the worst. Above is a picture of the pile of fabric I shaved off when I serged the edges of the fabric. Oy!

I’m going to wear the finished project underneath my dress for the concert tomorrow. I volunteered to work the merchandise booth at the Good Night, States show, so I thought I would wear something cute. I always volunteer when someone from the band asks because I like being guaranteed my own chair. I ♥ sitting!

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